Yes You Can

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Magic and miracles

I hurry home to write this poem
The days are getting shorter
May there be enough light
For magic and miracles to happen

I put my white dress on
Waiting in front of the screen for you
May there be enough time
For you and me to meet in real life

I put my hands down in my knee
Trying to comfort the little girl inside
But if dreams doesn’t come true, she asks
Why are there any dreams at all?

Maybe to keep us going, I answer
Maybe to keep us company at night
While we’re silently waiting
For magic and miracles to happen








Rebuildning our christmas tree

I’m sitting with my coffe trying to build our Christmas tree
Not findning the lightbulbs to put in
Feeling sadness over all the things I do or have done wrong
To my kids and to myself

By being sick or being in love o just stressed out.
By leaving them alone by the dinnertable to catch the phone
Trying to rescue another person on the price of
Letting the most loved ones feeling left behind

I put on another cup of coffe and put the dishwasher on
Only time will tell if everything will be alright
Meanwhile I´m rebuilding our christmas tree
Trying to make a nice christmas for my boys and me


Learning to live together, still apart


We’re embracing each other
Through the screen
Learning to live toghether, still apart

I’m sitting in my car
And you’re standing outside your job
I turn the engine off

You put on the webcam
And we watch the spanish sky together
It’s still daylight in Madrid

Already dark in Stockholm
And we cross the street together
We’re you buy a sandwich

We talk about our day
I catch every word you say
As if it was the last drop of water

Then you have to go back to work
And I leave the gasstation to drive home
Carrying you in my heart

Para Javier. Te quiero.


Yes you can!

My blog title says “Yes You Can”.

And behind those words is the intense wish and belief that you and I and our loved ones have the oportunity to create the life of our own that we cherish and want to live.

Still, why is it so hard to be succesful in what we do. And what hold us back?

First of all, we are humans and not robots. There are millions of circumstances in our memory and awareness that plays on the daily scene and the mecanism of defense, fear and procastinatoin and selfdoubt are very strong.
It’s easy to read articles about self improvement, about how to become succesful and how to build better habits and how to build better economy and health. And still it’s so hard to fulfill the advice as soon as the youtube video is finished or you put awat the book.

Why is it so hard to make a change? I think it has all to do with fear.
Fear of failure. But if you don’t try. Is’nt that the biggest failure of them all?

If you never try to love somone fully, if you never try to start saving money, if you never start to think about what you eat or do. Isn’t that the real failure?

By trying, no matter the outcome, you’re already a winner.

I want to share some wise words from Warren Buffet and Tony Robbins

Warren Buffet says that 
– Find your passion, find something that interest you and go for it.
– Don’t care about what others says about you, do what you believe in ( and here we’re talking about actions that don’t violate the law or hurt others) but have the courage to follow your own course.
– Have a role modell, find someone you admire and try to take after the habits they have and do the same in your life, in the way you can

Tony Robbins says 
– Find your own goal, what is you’re goal, define it
– Take massive action, take action, do something to reach your goal
– Adapt your actions to the otcome, if what you’re doing doesn’t work, change your actions, if those actions doesn’t work? Change the again and again, try until you reach your goal

And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Learn from them and get back on your track stronger and wiser. Forgive yourself for teh mistakes you’ve done in the past and try again.

So I challenge you all to ask yourself today – what is my goal?

I’m sure you have a goal , consciously ur subconsciously. Find it and define it. Then write down your first steps af action that you have to take to achieve your goal. Start with small steps.

It can be small or big goal. But the most important thing is
– Believe it’s possible
– Take action
– Don’t give up during the way when it gets tough

Good luck and I would love to hear about your stories in the commentfield below.





Covered in stardust
Patiently waiting
For you
IMG_2365 (1)

I’m on my way

I’ve been pretty down lately
Tired and sleepless
And I know I have no right
To complain

But I do
I do complain
I do complain to the rights never read
I do complain to the angels outside

I complain that my loved one is
Unreachable for me
I complain that my loved one
Is suffering and struggling so much

I complain that we’re stuck on internet
I complain his heavy load
I complain that I’m not allowed
To hold him tight

I’m grateful that my boys are fine
I’m grateful for my fisical health
I’m grateful that I’ve met real love
I’m grateful that I’m still struggling

I’m going to the boxinglesson today
I have to be persevering
I have to build strengt
For both of us

Don’t ever give up darling
I’m on my way to you
From my planet far away
To yours




I heard someone say, that the number one reason for not giving up, is that you can’t predict the future. And what if you give up, without knowing that you’re just one step or one minute away from the dream, the love or the cure you thought was unreachable?

There is also a saying that goes: “Don’t give up on your dream just because of the time it may take to reach it, the time will pass anyway”.

So therefore, don’t give up. Be persistent. Take another step forward, and then take another step …and keep on walking till you find what you’re looking for.




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