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Nothing more than an angel

She lost
But at least she gave it all
Like a lonely little girl
Believing that there is a bucket full of gold
At the end of the rainbow

Where do you put all those
Lost angels
Who were too blind to understand
That they were not existing in any reality
At all

How do those angels
Manage to keep on living
Or maybe they don’t?
That’s why they are, what she were
Nothing more than an angel

I’m falling apart

I’m falling apart
From the inside
Of the corner
Deep within

I’m not acting
The way I ought to
Am I betraying values
That was never mine?

I’m falling apart
In silence
Invisible I leave
Invisible I stay

The truth is

The truth is, my love
That in every step
I miss your footprints

The truth is, my love
That in every move
I miss your presence

The truth is, my love
That in every breath
I miss your voice

The truth is, my love
That in every moment
I want to be with you





Last week I visited Scotland, together with my boys and I would like to show you some pictures from our journey.

IMG_9984This is Johnshaven at the east coast of Scotland. Earlier this evening we saw dolphins in the sea just outside the village.


FullSizeRender (13)This picture is from Stonehaven were we visited the Dunnotar castle. After this visit we drove through the Scottish highlands and the scenary was amazing.


IMG_0073Here I am standing in the Urquehart castle looking out over the lake Loch Ness. My boyfriend couldn’t join me on this trip, but I carry him in my heart wherever I go, so in a special way, he was with us during the visit.


FullSizeRender (12)Here me and my boys are below and over the rainbow in Fort Williams. We planned to climb the mountain Ben Nevis but the weather wasn’t good enough for a safe climbing.┬áScotland has a wonderful and spectacular nature and I recommend you to go there if you are planning for a special vacacion abroad. In our case we hired a car and drove around Scotland in 6 days. You can also go by train or bicycle around the landscape.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you a great week to come!


You, my beloved children, are my everything
You, my beloved man, are my everything
You, my beloved breath and heartbeat are my everything
Because without you I can’t live

I live with the daily joy of having you by my side
I live with the daily fear of loosing you all
In an instant without warning
Without any possibility to guard you or to say goodbye

That’s why I feel I’m never sufficient enough
That’s why I feel I’m never strong enough
That’s the price of loving
That’s the price of living

My life is like a neverending scream of fear
A neverending gasp for hope
A neverending longing to love and to be near
You my boys, you my man and you my life


Those magic moments

Last night we we’re toghether
From different parts of the world
You in Madrid
And I in Stockholm

We were so close that
I could swear I felt your breath
At 4.30 am the sun rose in Sweden
Sunbeams played in the bushes outside

We looked at the new morning together
And it was one of those
Magic and precious moments in life
When you feel everything is right

It’s so easy to love you

It’s so easy to love you
And so hard to love myself
I find you so beautiful
But I can’t look at myself

You see darling, voices of the past
Have built a nest in my chest
They’re returning every summer
To my heart

Are you the storm who finally will
Make their nest blow down
Strip the branches from their past
And hold me like I’m the last drop of water?

I want to start my life all over with you
I don’t mind about your past, nor mine
I’m willing to risk it all, to give it all
As long as I have you by my side


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