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Is it a freedom or a duty to make a choice?

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“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you” (Jean Paul Sartre).

Is it in the freedom to make a choice of how to act upon and how to interpret what’s been done to you, that you find the core of your utter self?
A self with an origin in stardust from the universe in which mankind once was born. Isn’t that powerful? Isn’t that scary?

   It’s like when you stand on the ground and look at the moon and you think that space is so big, so wide and without limits. And sometimes you get that feeling when you look inside yourself too. What’s in there? How far can I go? Are there any limits?
That’s why it’s so scary and difficult to make choices. It’s scary to leave the planet and travel in space, to explore and to look for life.

   What happens if I get lost and run out of oxygen? And what happens if I find life, are they hostile? There is a lot at stake when you travel in space. And it’s a lot at stake when you make a choice. You can make a choice with an unwanted outcome, and then it’s your fault the results turned out bad. And this leads us to another feeling, besides fear, that we humans try to avoid, and that is shame. Shame of not being good enough to be loved and wanted. So we choose not to choose.

   But what are the consequences of choosing not to make a choice or decision? As we all know, that is a choice too. What is it that we avoid by doing so? Do we avoid our own responsibility or are we avoiding judgement by others and the shame that follows if the masses think that we made the wrong choice? And why do we feel shame when we’re outside the group? Shouldn’t we feel pride instead? Pride for being brave enough to make the choice to go out on the journey to find ourselves.

   Maybe our freedom to choose how to act on what’s been done to us, is not a freedom. Maybe it’s our duty. A duty to maintain and cultivate the standards and the dignity with which you are born. It’s a difficult task and you might be scared of making the wrong choice or the wrong decision. And you might wonder if you can you stand yourself if you make the wrong decision. Can you forgive yourself if you make the wrong decision?

While we are figuring out if we dare to choose or not choose, life is going on with or without us. And maybe if we start to make those decisions we want to make, tell our truth and say those words we want to say, maybe then and only then we find life and freedom in our own space.




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