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Bicycling in the rain with you

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I’m bicycling in the rain with you
The rain are following my face
Touches my lips like a
Stolen kiss from you

Throuh the waterdrops
I can see your smile and I smile back
Through the salty flavour of water and sky
I can feel your taste

I bicycle in the rain, faster and faster
The water finds its way under my blouse
Touching my skin and my neck
With your tender fingertops

I’m alone in the street and
I want to scream out loud
How much I love you
How much I miss you

I park my bike outside the store
Walking inside
Imagening that I’m holding your hand
Talking about what to have for dinner

It’s difficult to breath in the store
I hold your hand tighter
Hoping that you will be able to call me
This evening

I hurry outside without my jacket on
Put the bag on my bike
Letting the rain pour over my face and neck
To feel you closer

Back home
I put the coffe on
Listening to the raindrops
Tapping on my window

And yes darling, please come inside
I want you to stay, and never leave me
This is how much I love you, this is how much I miss you
In every moment, in every day


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