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Last week I visited Scotland, together with my boys and I would like to show you some pictures from our journey.

IMG_9984This is Johnshaven at the east coast of Scotland. Earlier this evening we saw dolphins in the sea just outside the village.


FullSizeRender (13)This picture is from Stonehaven were we visited the Dunnotar castle. After this visit we drove through the Scottish highlands and the scenary was amazing.


IMG_0073Here I am standing in the Urquehart castle looking out over the lake Loch Ness. My boyfriend couldn’t join me on this trip, but I carry him in my heart wherever I go, so in a special way, he was with us during the visit.


FullSizeRender (12)Here me and my boys are below and over the rainbow in Fort Williams. We planned to climb the mountain Ben Nevis but the weather wasn’t good enough for a safe climbing. Scotland has a wonderful and spectacular nature and I recommend you to go there if you are planning for a special vacacion abroad. In our case we hired a car and drove around Scotland in 6 days. You can also go by train or bicycle around the landscape.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you a great week to come!


  1. I like all of your photographs (your comments as well :), but the last one is just awesome ✨

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  2. I got really interested in Scotland recently. I enjoyed your post! ^^

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  3. The picture with the rainbow is breathtaking 😃


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