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Shall I play or shall I stay…as I am

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Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to write about some of the most common advices you can find on internet and magazines when it comes to dating and relationsships.

Most articles on internet and You Tube datingcoaches have one advice in common:
You shall play hard to get. If you play hard to get, the man/woman catches the interest and to keep a mans/womans interest, you shall act a bit distant and play hard to get. The main advice are; not answering the phone every time he/she calls and pretend that you are busy even if you’re not, and you shall show them that you have an interesting life on your own and pretend to be happy and strong.

Many articles and dating coaches also say that its an tabu to show your true feelings too early, because if you do, you can be seen as “needy”.

Anyone who recognize this? The dating game between a man and a woman.

I tell you what I think about those advices. I think it’s just a huge comercial business.
If there is a real connection between you and the person you’ve met, you don’t have to play any games at all. You can be yourself, and that’s the best you can be.

I met my boyfriend on internet. And ever since our first email to each other, I’ve been like an open book. I haven’t been hiding one of my feelings for him, I haven’t been ignoring any calls, I haven’t been playing hard to get. Why should I? When I know that he is the one I’ve been looking for my whole life?

And here we are, him and me, still together, although a long distance relationship never is easy, and my boyfriends says that one thing, about all the things he loves about me is that I’m not playing games, that I’m me and that I’m honest.

And I think that if a person has to be strategic and play games to keep a mans or womans interest? It’s never going to end well in the long run. Because a relationship built on being strategic, isn’t driven by real love. It’s driven by other forces.

So, don’t be afraid to show the person you love that you love them, don’t play games.
Be your true self from the very start. Then you will shine from the inside. And the rest will follow.

Good luck and have a nice weekend!






  1. Sayar_AV says:

    Truely amazing. It will help for many persons

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poetpas says:

    It’s obvious one should never play games in love. I knew that when I was 12. Playing hard to get is a waste of energy. Good article 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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