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2 p.m in the morning

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You and I
Face to face
It’s 2 p.m in the morning
You’re telling me about you new camera

I’m sitting in the public laundry with my computer in front of me
In the area were I live
I sit there because I don’t want to disturb my son sleeping
And I don’t want to miss a chance to talk to you

It’s pitch dark night were you are
It’s pitch dark in my country too
You are in duty, and I’m sitting by your side
I listen to you in the spotlight of the steril light

I try to see your eyes
Through the pixels on the screen
Outside the laundry, some people passes by
Drunk after some party

Your face is handsome, and you’re angry with Paypal
I hear the teve in the background in your office
And your coworker says that he is going to make some coffe
The danger in your job is hanging in the air

At 4 p.m I walk home
It’s quiet outside and the birds have started to sing
I open my door in silence not to awaken my son
Then I go to bed, to get some hours of sleep before

I go to my job
Here in my country
Wishing I was by your side


  1. yesyoucan111 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so honored and I’m so glad to hear this from such a great writer as you. And I would absolutely love to receive your eBook. My email is:
    Thank you again so much!

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