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Loving you

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There are endless of lovesongs and lovepoems in the world
I think it’s because love itself is endless
And each and every soul is endless

This poem is for you Javier
Because you are this unique person to me
It’s difficult to describe the sensation I had

When I received your first message
When I read it knew I had found you
And how do you handle a discovery like that?

It took us half of our lives to finally find each other
I don’t know why life let us wait so long
I just know there is no time for resentment

Of course I wanted to be young and beautiful when I finally found you
Of course it had been much easier if we lived in the same country
But we are so lucky to finally meet

Face to face, so far on the screen
Heart to heart in every heartbeat
Soul to soul in every breath we take

Our journey has just begun, and I will fight for ever step
That leads us to the day you can put your arms around me
I love you of all of my heart and soul



  1. Poetpas says:

    Awww sweet. My girlfriend lives in another country too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yesyoucan111 says:

      Thank you so much Poetpas! Then you understand quiet well how it is. I hope and believe everything will work out to the very best for you and your girlfriend! Have a great sunday!!


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