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Until I met you

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A little smile plays on your lips when
Your hand pulls through your hair
You look at me with your dark eyes
And I noticed that something is different

My heart start to race
Is this the end of it all?
Am I going to loose you?
Before we even have had the chance to start?

Outside the window it is snowing and 2 degrees
At the café were you are sitting it is cloudy and 25 degrees
I sit with my hands in my knee
What can I do from from thousands of kilometers away?

You don’t even know the smell of my skin yet
I don’t even know the smell of yours
I want to touch your face with my hands when I
I look at the screen praying the wi-fi won’t fail again

You lean back in the chair when you finally speak
You have to stop thinking like this, you say
I’m here, I’m not going anywhere
I’m happy by you side and I think we both are happy with each other

I sit in silence, confused, and then I understand
The different look I see in your eyes
It’s not about that you are going to leave
It’s about that you have decided to stay

I put my guard down and I give my heart to you
I didn’t know love could feel so strong like this
I didn’t know I could love so truly like this
Until I met you

For my boyfriend Javier

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