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Meet me at Puerta del sol

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Do you have an idea of how much I still love you?
I could say that, well this was hard, let’s quit
I know you sometimes wanted to hear those words
Well, you ain’t gonna hear them from me

I will never quit on you
I will never let go of your hand
I will never stop loving and wanting you
I will never stop fighting for you

With that said, let’s sit down
It’s ok for me to sit on the floor
As long as you look at me
As long as your breathe beside me

How do we start to get out of this room?
This technical space called internet
This paradise that brougth us together
This hell that keeps us apart

You have an ocean of pain and secrets to sail
I have a sky of pain and sorrow to fly
The seagull that you see above the waves is me
The star I see in the sky are you

And don’t worry for the dark in the past
Without the darkness, I wouldn’t have noticed your light.
Don’t be afraid for the light in the future
Nothing can hide your presence

Just look at me and say that you have hope left too
Say that you meet me at Puerta del Sol
At the mark in the asphalt were the distance ends and our lives begin
Just say that you wait for me, and I’ll be there tomorrow

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