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Lesson number two – suicide is never an option

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In my post “Lesson number one – Breathe”, I told you that breathing was all you have to put your focus on when you feel really sad. It’s tough enough.

In this post I’m going to talk about a topic that is a sensitive topic. Suicide.  I write about it with all the respect for everybody out there who have experienced a loss in their life because of this. I’m so sorry for you loss.

I write about it because it’s a natural reaction for a human being under extreme grief, to not want to keep on going, to not want to exist anymore, because we think the pain is too severe to carry. I think almost each and every one at some point in our lives have thought the thought “I don’t want to live anymore”. I have. But I still had no intention of taking my own life. I just needed my own permission to think the thought. And of course it is a scary thought.

Suicide is not an option. It is never an option
For most people it is a universe between thinking that you don’t want to live anymore, and to actually try to do something active. It is just a thought in the moment when you are extremely hurt.

Still – for those out there who is so badly hurt that they actually doesn’t see any other options than to commit suicied. I want to say. STOP.


Suicide is not one of your options. Suicide is never an option.It’s NOT on the list. Ok?

I will not go in detail to tell you what to do, how to cope –  or wich emergency you shall call. I know that you can find out those thing of your own.

Suicide is NOT one of your options. Suicide is never an option.It’s not on the list. Ok?

That is all you have to remember.

Below I listed some vulnurable states in where you can find it more easy to think that suicide is the only option for you.

Depression is a tricky and very dangerous disease. Depression can hide behind a calm and happy face and it can tell you that suicide is your only option. It convinces you that it’s true, and it’s not your fault that you believe it. It’s part of the disease. But Depression is lying to you and slowly trying to take your life out of you in so many ways.

I can share with you that my best friend comitted suicide. She was depressed and thought that the only solution was to jump out of a window from the 5 th floor of the hospital. She landed on the pavement, and she died instantly. I still miss her.

To all of you out there who suspect that a lover, child or friend might have a depression.
Do reach out for help. Call a councelor and talk to the person openly. It’s nothing and I repeat it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be afraid of doing. It can’t go wrong if you pull out your hand to someone you suspect may suffer from depression. It can save their life.

When you lost someone you love it can feel like the only solution is to commit suicide. Especially if there is children involved. But please. If you feel like this is your only option, talk to someone about it. Buy yourself time.

Terminal illness – Euthanasia
As in all things – there are exceptions. And in this particular case. I’m for euthanasia. If you are suffering from an extremly painful and terminal condicion, I don’t judge the person who wants help to end his/her life sooner rather than later. Absolutely not. After working as a nurse and witnessing the end of life. I don’t judge the persons or doctors who help people die a bit sooner that they would have. But I pray that those people get proper help and have their loved ones beside them.

Losing your children
If you have one or more children left alive. Don’t ever give up. Suicide is NOT one of your options. If you lose your only child or all your children. I’m not the one telling you that suicide is not an option. I hope that you do find strenght to keep on living and finding meaning in your life. But if you don’t . I’m the last one to judge you. This is a mothers or the fathers ultimate call. I respect all of their decisions.

Suicide is a sensitive topic. And while writing this post I have not been considering any religious or ideologic aspects of suicide.. I ‘m not a doctor or psychologist. I don’t have any special education in the topic. My words in this post are not professional advice, it’s my personal thoughts and my personal experience.

I just talk to you as a plain person trying to make a descent and good living. With my flaws, bagage, dreams and hopes for the now and the future.

And I wish you a good and pleasent journey – called your life.


  1. I like how holistic you are in your approach to this topic. It is sad to think about how many lives have been lost because of depression. Yet obviously, under certain circumstances I agree that it should be an option.

    However, for the vast majority of people, there is always another way other than suicide. I considered myself knowledgeable about anxiety and depression before I joined this online community – yet I have learnt so much more, including coping mechanisms etc.

    Thanks for writing this – your empathy for others really shines through in this post 🙂

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  2. johncoyote says:

    I agree with your thoughts and your logic. I lost two brothers to suicide. Family had never healed yet. Almost 30 years later.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] of my readers have read my post “Lesson number two -Suicide is never an option” were I write about suicide. Today the 10th of september is the World Suicide Prevention […]


  4. Robin K says:

    I think a little differently or maybe quite. Don’t know.
    Suicide can be an option; birth was one (determined by causes – both physical, mental and chemical) and it is a similar event to that of death. So, there can be situations in which this can be an option. But I guess since there are usually other options available when thought lucidly; suicide does not fair as an option. So, Suicide is a bad option in most cases. In some, it might be fine – I think a person should have the right to decide that in such cases. I, however, do not recommend it.

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