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Down by the seaside tonight

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I can touch the surface of each and every error I made
But I touch them gently
Not because that I love them
Not because that I want to show them any affection, like the knight does
When he touches the cheek of his bride with a tender kiss

I touch them gently because I don’t want them to crack
I don’t want the content to spill out
I don’t want to see the color nor smell the smell of
All that pain that is hidden inside, in each and every one of those
Errors and mistakes I’ve done

I say that I carry them with pride, but I don’t
I carry each and every one of them with fear
Fear that I shall drop them so that they brake
And cover the sun with the dust and smoke
From a battlefield long left behind, still near

You can meet me by the seaside tonight
But I come with this disclaimer
I’m may not be what you think you would like to see
I may or I may not be me
Still I can meet you down the seaside tonight

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