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I want to be the grain in your heart

Darling, here we are
You and me
After thousand of miles of walking
We finally met

I know your feet are soar
I know your heart is broken
I know you’re tired
After a very hard and long journey

Darling, here we are
With our past on our shoulders
With our now in our hands
Loving each other, with so many odds against us

But do you know darling?
Without the darkness behind
There would not be any light ahead
And we’re standing in the sunshine now

I want to be the grain in your heart
I want to grow with you and show you how valuable you are
I want to grow with you and create the most beautiful flower
A flower made of our love, our trust, our now and our forever



When I thought everything was over

When I thought everything was over
When I thought I’ve ruined it all
When I couldn’t eat nor sleep
You gaved me your hand

When I thought everything was over
You asked me to dry my tears
You said you still loved me
You said you still wanted to be with me

When I thought everything was over
I got a second chance
To be in your life
And I’m so grateful


Until death do us part

I always thought that the only thing
That could part us
From each other
Was death

Until yesterday
When I without intention
With a few words
Killed myself

In the heat of the moment
Ice cold silence

It’s hard to breath
I disgust myself
For being insecure
For hurting you

Step by step

It all started
When the leafs were falling of the trees
When the summer was over
When the year slowly prepared it’s final months

It all started
With a photograph and some funny words
It all started with a smile
And a phonecall

Step by step
Word by word
Glance by glance
Are we getting closer

Surprised by the occasion
The magic and moment
That made us meet and
Here we are

Living in different countries
Still living in each others arms
Breathing each others senses
Holding each others hands

Step by step
Word by word
Glance by glance
Are we getting closer

I’ll be here

Maybe you are reluctant to show me your real world
Maybe you think it’s too far to travel for me
Maybe you think it’s not that beautiful
So you smile and say that everything is just fine

Nothing is fine and nothing is ok
I can see your pain and I can see your loneliness
And I’m standing here with my toothbrush in my hand
Ready to follow you

Into the caves, through ice, wind and snow
I don’t care if there is no flowers in sight
There may be darkness and there may be smog
Still I won’t let go of your hand

I don’t know how to make you trust me
You’ve always been travelling alone
How do I ensure you
That I’ll be here for you, even when the world is gone


Courage to love
Courage to fail
Courage to try
Courage to live

Isn’t that the meaning of it all?



Bicycling in the rain with you

I’m bicycling in the rain with you
The rain are following my face
Touches my lips like a
Stolen kiss from you

Throuh the waterdrops
I can see your smile and I smile back
Through the salty flavour of water and sky
I can feel your taste

I bicycle in the rain, faster and faster
The water finds its way under my blouse
Touching my skin and my neck
With your tender fingertops

I’m alone in the street and
I want to scream out loud
How much I love you
How much I miss you

I park my bike outside the store
Walking inside
Imagening that I’m holding your hand
Talking about what to have for dinner

It’s difficult to breath in the store
I hold your hand tighter
Hoping that you will be able to call me
This evening

I hurry outside without my jacket on
Put the bag on my bike
Letting the rain pour over my face and neck
To feel you closer

Back home
I put the coffe on
Listening to the raindrops
Tapping on my window

And yes darling, please come inside
I want you to stay, and never leave me
This is how much I love you, this is how much I miss you
In every moment, in every day


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