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Among the lemons

Among the lemons
I search with my eye
For anything
To hold on to

People are all around
Shopping, talking, pushing
I feel I’m walking
Without direction

Yes, I feel lonely
Because you don’t want me near
And I can’t let you go

Yes, I feel angry
Maybe it’s from the heat outside
They say it’s the warmest summer in history

Or maybe I’m angry
You don’t tell me what’s going on
And it makes me lost

I can’t touch you
I can’t see you
I put the lemon in my basket
And I head for the entrance


That moment

That moment
When you wake up
And feel the electric sensation
Of anxiety in your stomach

That moment when you try to
Calm yourself down
By telling yourself
Everything is going to be fine

That moment
When you are afraid to die alone
Remorseful for all mistakes you made

That moment when the anxiety
Slowly let go of it’s grip
And you drag the comb through your hair
Trying to make the right decision

That moment


I once read a poem about two people
Who broke up and
Walked in opposite directions

And in the heat of the moment
They forgot that the world is round
And one day
They will meet each other face to face again

This happened to us today
You called me when I stood at the parkinglot
I was about to fetch my car from the garage
And there we met, face to face again

You never left me, you said
You said you will never leave me
I told you that I never left you
And that I will never leave you either

On the asphalt in the sun
Outside the garage and in your house
We reunited and embraced each other through the air
And I could almost touch your face

I looked at your beautiful eyes
Reciprocating your warm smile
And I know that this time we will make it
All the way to the end


I’m so grateful

I just want to express that I’m so grateful. I have my two boys and they are well and healthy. I don’t have any severe health issues either.
I struggle with things human does. But life has been gentle to me. So far I’ve be travelling in my life journey for 53 years and during my journey things have happended to me, but I always been able to survive and stand up again. And my boys are healthy and fine. Nothing is a greater gift than that.
In this dangerous world, where there is no accurate justice; bad things is luring behind the corner and can hit anyone who passes by. Good people get shot, get ill, get trapped in caves or get raped or rejected even if they do their best.
In this world I’m still alive and I have my health and my boys are alive and healthy.
And I’m so grateful.

FullSizeRender (12)

A picture from Fort Williams, Skottland, where me  and my boys where on vacation last year.

And you left

So, I made a mistake
I guess I’ve made a few
During my effort
To connect with you

The first one is
That I didn’t know that
You were out of reach
From the beginning

The second one was
I didn’t listen to you
When you since the first day
Told me so

How I loved and cared for you
Among the echoes of
Your past
That never left you

How I fought for you and me
Against your demons
Whom I never saw
In the eye

I tried to catch them
Understand them, vipe them out
But they were always hidden
In you

Your demons won
Over me, and over you
The scared you to silence
And you left me


Who Killed The Poet?


I’ve been reading two novels lately. One is by Ernest Hemingway “The Old Man And The Sea” and the other one is “Who Killed The Poet” by Luis de Miranda.
It’s no coincidence that I mention those two novels in the same introduction. Because what the two authors; Ernest Hemingway and Luis de Miranda have in common, is that they give their readers a direct image of the real life of fictional characters. Fictional characters that leaves you with the urge of wanting to meet them again, because you feel you’ve shared someting important together.
But then you sit there with the novel in your hand and you can’t reach them. They were only fictional. Or were they?

Who Killed The Poet by author Luis de Miranda

9781943813421_200x_who-killed-the-poet_haftad  qui-a-tue-le-poete

The novel “Who Killed the Poet?“, english translation by Tina Kover, was originally written in French (Paris: Max Milo, 2011). Since then, it has been published in several language and the novel is on a mission to be translated into 88 languages.

In 2018 “Who Killed The Poet?” was translated to Swedish “Poeten” by the translator Ylva Gidén. The plan of the author and the translator is to launch the swedish translation in the bookshops  2019. If some of you readers, would like to read the novel in Swedish, before it is launched in the bookshops, contact the author on the link below.

Who Killed The Poet? – A review

It all starts in France, where you get to meet Bardo; a thinker, a brother and a lover; Bardo’s love Ophelia, Bardo’s twin brother, who is the narrative in the novel, and a lonely child, which origen is an enigma for Bardo, his brother and the reader.
When we’re introduced to Bardo, he has recently died in an accident and Bardo’s twin brother is sure of that Bardo has been killed, and he is determined to find out who killed his brother.
Luis de Miranda takes us on a breathtaking, beautiful human journey through Europe and the reader get to know Bardo; his brother and important people in their lives, who all has their own part in how the story finally ends. The author touches the sujects of love and self-determination with a clarity that gives us the courage to, for a vibrant moment, withstand the fact, that we sometimes don’t have and may not be given all the answers that we want.

For me personally, “Who killed the Poet?” is also a story about people choices and about people trying to do their best of what they have. The story left me with questions. Did the caracters in the novel, each and every one of them really do their best, or could they have made other choices?

This is why I consider  the novel “Who Killed The Poet” to be a masterpiece. It leaves you with more than you had before and it leaves you curious to know more. And I think to ask questions is the first step to achieve anything of higher value.
I won’t reveal more of what happens in the novel, because I want you to experience the story and get to know the caracters all by your own.

I believe good literature and great art gives us comfort and enrichens our lives. The Novel “Who Killed The Poet?” by Luis de Miranda is a novel which certainly does.

About the Author


Luis de Miranda is an author of several novels and is a highly respected and merited philosopher, who 2017 became a Doctor of Philosophy at The University of Edinburgh.
At the accurate moment Luis de Miranda has his location in Sweden.

To read more about the work of Luis de Miranda, please visit his website:

Start where you stand

Yes, you are hurt, says the child
Because you had such great expectations
And you didn’t see it coming
That he didn’t want to be a part of them

He couldn’t, I whisper
Same, same, the girl answers
Couldn’t or wouldn’t, it doesn’t matter
He is gone, he is not here, you are

And don’t dare to wait for him to change his mind
The little girl points her tiny finger at me
Because he won’t
I’ve been there and I’ve seen it and I want you to leave

What about all the memories?
What if I’ve been stronger?
What if I’ve been more understanding?
What if?

I looked at the girl and then looked at my hands
The skin is getting older, I’m getting older
I never met him you know, in real life I mean
I didn’t look the girl in the eyes

I know, she answered, I know
I was there, and you did everything you possibly could
I understand you’re sad
I understand you’re hurt

I wanted so badly to meet him, I said
I know, says the little girl
What shall I do know?
Where shall I start?

I don’t know, says the little girl
It’s your journey
But if you ask me, I would say
Start where you stand


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