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Another day in October

The leaves tumbles around my face
The wind sneaks inside my jacket
My chest is hurting and the signals of my phone
Comes back unanswered

I hurry down the street
Taking a break at the local cafe
Looking through the window at a man passing by
Walking with no feets and with one stick

I look at the young cripple and
I look at my phone and I want to cry
I’m tired and I’m so lost without you
There are so many miles between us

Then you finally call and I when I see your face
My heart starts to beat in normal rhythm and my
Panic slowly fades away
And I tell you how much I miss you

We talk and you listen
Your voice is calm and
Your eyes embrace me
And I’m not alone anymore


Viva España

Lately I’ve been following the illegal elections, the illegal Referendum, in Catalonia, Spain.

And I can’t be quiet anymore.

After the illegal election in Catalonia in Spain, a lot of pictures were sent out in the news of violent policeofficers. And the headlines told us about the police violence that Spain uses to opppress Catalonia.

This is NOT the right picture of what is happening in Catalonia.

The true picture of the incidents of 1 of octuber is that Guardia Civil and The National Police Corps were betrayed by their colleagues, the catalan police The Mossos d’Esquadra who are the autonomous police force of Catalonia.

The agreement between The National Police Corps, La Guardia Civil and the Mossos d´Esquadra was that the Mossos d´Esquadra should close the schools before the illegal election started, to avoid problems.  The National Police Corps, La Guardia Civil  were located in Catalonia in order to assist the Mossos d´Esquadra if they needed assistance.

This is what soldiers and policemen do. The help each other on the battlefield. We have all seen it in the movies. Save Private Ryan for example. A soldier doesn’t leave a colleague behind. In this case Mossos d´Esquadra left their colleagues behind.

AND the battlefield was not the people that went out to vote. No, the battlefield was to stop the illegal election to take place. An illegal election arrange by the non democratic political leaders of Catalonia who pretend that Catalonia is a oppressed region. When the truth is that it’s the other way around. It’s the spanish citizens of Catalonia that suffers from discrimination.

The day before and on the day of the illegal election, the  Catalonian policeforce Mossos d´Esquadra  did nothing to prevent the elections. They didn’t close any schools, the didn’t do anything to stop the voting. They disobeyed the orders.

And the spanish goverment gaved order to Guardia Civil and The National Police Corps who was located in Catalonia to immediately go out and close the schools and to take away the illegal ballots. In order to protect the democracy.

All of a sudden the Guardia Civil and The National Police Corps, who were in minoritet stood in the street when the election already has started, and the separatist were out on the streets.

The Guardia Civil was betrayed by their colleques and put in an impossible mission, impossible because they were too few to possibly be able to bring order, and not prepared that their colleguaes the Mossos d´Esquadra would betray them by refusing to act on orders given by the spanish goverment.

And as with a huge amount of angry people, a mob, some incidents happened on the streets becuase it was inevitable and the police had to defend themself. But ther were very few.
But this is not the picture that was cabled out to the world.
The newschannels cabled out fake pictures of police attacking people on the street and videos that was cut in a way that it seemed like the police used to much violence. And the separatists and politicians of Catalonia got what they wanted of a picture of a oppressed Catalonia cabled out to the world, but this a lie and it’s not the truth.

After the illegal election, the agents of Guardia Civil suffered and still suffer severe harrassments in Catalonia and the separatists in Catalonia have been showing hate and harrassment outside the hotels were the Guardia Civil are located. They make noises al night so that the agents can´t sleep. Hotelowners say that the people have threatened them that they will close the hotels and hurt  families of the hotel owners, if the hotel owners do not send the agents of Guardia Civil away from their hotels. The agents from Guardia Civil who are only doing their job to protect the democracy in Spain are not allowed to enter bars or gyms in Catalonia, and the owners of the gym and bars are asking for forgiveness to the agents, they say that they have to deny entrance otherwise they lose their jobs and they fear for the security of their family if they let Guardia Civil or the National Police Corpsenter the gym or bar. Is this democracy?

A separatist lady stod in front of the international reporters saying that Guardia Civil broke her fingers one by one. This was a lie!! And afterwards she admitted it was a lie, and I can go on for hours to give examples of people who were voting 4-6 times without anyone asking for their identification. Is this democracy?

Today, two weeks after the illegal eleccion, Europe and the internacional politicians and Spain and the spanish people in Catalonia are starting to seeing the true picture. Catalonia is not an oppressed region. The politics and separatist of Catalonia have in years oppressed the people in Catalonia who say and wants to be both spanish and catalan. In the schools in Catalonia small children are taught lies about Spain and that Spain is a bad enemy and that the terrorist that put bombs that killed children in Madrid, are treated like heroes. Is this democracy?

But lately, as you could see in the massive manifestation that took place in Barcelona some days ago, the catalan poeple who feel that they are both spanish and catalan and who wants a united Spain finally broke their silence and went out on the streets and said:


The Spanish president Mariano Rajoy has given the catalan regional president Puigedemont until monday the 16 th of Ocyober to answer if he has declared that Catalonia is an independent republic or not. And if Puigedemont declares that he declares that Catalonia is an independent republic, and we’ll se what will happen.

I want to end this blogpost by sending my support to the people in Spain and to all the fantastic agents of Guardia Civil and The National Police Corps who are doing a tremendous great job for Spain and for everybody who lives in Spain.



And here we are

And here we are, still in love
Still holding our souls firmly in each others arms
You meet my eyes, and you tell me that I don’t have to worry
You’re never going to leave me

I spill some coffe in my knee while I’m
Trying to get closer to the screen
It’s like my soul and heart needs to hear
Everything you say twice, just to feel you closer

I’m aching to touch your face
I’m aching to put my hand gently through you hair
I’m aching to hold your hand
I’m aching to feel your heartbeat

I’ve been looking for you since I was a little girl
And here we are, thousands of miles apart
With our souls and hearts so tight together
I love you so much

Para mi Javier



Another day is passing by
I go to my job every day
I try to smile and I try to walk forward
But inside I’m aging too fast

Hurry darling, please be brave
You don’t have to be perfect
Just breath, just tell me you wait for me
And I be there


While you’re taking another breath

All those lingering unfulfilled dreams
Spun in the air like an invisible net
Whispering in your ear at night
Touching you on your shoulder at day
While you’re taking another breath

You could think they should have been washed away
By the heavy rain of September
Or covered up by the silent clouds
Swept away by the wind near the shore
While you’re taking another breath

Maybe it is all those unfulfilled dreams
That make us go up in the morning
That make us look at the horizon, as if we’re constantly expecting
a visit from a long lost friend
While you’re taking another breath

FullSizeRender (12)

What do I do for now?

What do I do for now?
Almost a year has gone by
And we still haven’t had the chance
To hold our arms around each other for the first time

I sat in my car outside the supermarket today
Watching all the couples passing by, holding hands
I put my glasses on and looked at my mobil to see if you’ve come home
The screen was blank and I tried to breath more slowly

I looked at myself in the rearview mirror
For a moment I don’t recognize myself
It’s like the distance and my longing
Put years on my face

Or maybe it’s my soul
Showing up on the outside like a guardian angel
Because when it comes to real love
All warriors are needed

We’re holding on
And that coffe we’re waiting for, is going to be
The best moment in our life
Maybe that’s whats scares us the most

It’s friday night and I’m still waiting for your call
To see your face and to hear your voice
To see your eyes and to see your smile
That’s all that I can do for now


To my Javier

It’s time

It’s time
To scream and cry
To let the demons out
To let the tears flow

It’s time
To run for our lives
To reach out for each other
Hurry darling, because the airport is closing down

It’s time
Time to really show your my scars
Time to let you show me yours
Time to show our love

I’ts time
Time to tear down the walls
Time to put away the doubts
And be braver than we ever been  before

I’m wait for you
At Puerta del sol
You will recognize me in the crowd
Before I’ve arrived

Meet me and embrace me
Meet me and love me
Meet me and never leave me
It’s time



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